Conference topics

The 21th Conference on Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Computing is intended to provide an international forum for the exchange of research ideas and practical solutions in the field of ubiquitous computing. Authors are invited to submit original contributions for the conference.

Main topics:
    o Reprogrammable and reconfigurable devices
    o Video and Image Processing
    o Perception and Cognition
    o Embedded Systems and Control
    o Digital Signal Processing
    o Communications and Networking
    o Rapid Prototyping and Adaptive Systems
    o Mechatronics and Robotics
    o Biomedical Systems
    o Modeling for reconfiguration
    o Synthesis issue of specific modeling descriptions
    o Behavioral homogenous description of software and hardware
    o Multidisciplinary co-design methods and tools
    o High performance computing
    o Co-processors, attached processors and hybrid computing
    o System on chip and network on chip methodology and applications
    o Distributed systems of small and large scale
    o Testing and verification of complex systems